The “Things to do on Thanksgiving” posts are running high this year. If you are from the Carolinas this year, yeah, parades are great, but watching the Carolina Panthers take on the Dallas Cowboys is the ONLY thing to do on Thanksgiving this year.

Why? Well Because:

Nothing goes together better than turkey, stuffing, cranberry, pumpkin pie AND football! The bottles will be poppin’, the cheering will be loud, the company will be good and the atmosphere competitive. We all hope for a positive end result to really put add the cherry to the sundae.


photo courtesy of hailrepublic.com

Cam Newton (QB) and the Panthers are on fire this season! Our hometown boys are currently at 10-0 and a win this Thanksgiving would bring us to 11-0! Not only are these guys good at football, but they are also true Carolina family members. Gifting touchdown footballs to young fans, dancing, making Sports Illustrated’s most recent cover and feeding local families in need are just a few examples of why we love them so much.


photo courtesy of twitter.com/carolinapanthers


photo courtesy of espn.go.com

The Dallas Cowboys are “America’s Team”. Any games the Cowboys play, whether the outcome is good or bad for them, have a kind of “celebrity stigma” associated with them. One of America’s truly great teams, birthing Hall of Famers and NFL legends, are always fun to watch. Watching the Panthers beat the Cowboys for Thanksgiving is on most of us Carolina folks’ wish list!


photo courtesy of elitesportsblog.com

Thanksgiving is a time to focus on the people and aspects of our lives that we are grateful for. As obnoxious as this may sound, football in the Carolinas is something that brings us all together. We are all 1 when we wear a Panthers jersey and THAT, good people, is something to be TRULY thankful for!


photo courtesy of bleacherreport.com

To our boys in black and blue, #keeppouding and continue to make us proud! 11-0, baby! 11-0!

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