It’s That Time Again! Spring Cleaning!!


Spring time is just around the corner and we all know what that means! Yep… the dreaded spring cleaning that comes to haunt us once a year. We all know it is coming but if you are like me then you avoid it like the plague. Anything is better than the dreaded spring cleaning event that takes place yearly at your home. Hopefully these easy quick tips will help the annual festivities go by as soon as possible and as painless as possible.

Make a list! I know the dreaded “list” that seems never ending. I’m here to tell you that it is ok! The list will truly help to keep you organized and it gives you something to check off as you complete. Senses of gratification as you see that list slowly coming to completion. Divide the list into rooms and make a list of each thing that needs to be completed in each room. As you complete the tasks simply check them off. You will win the battle with the list as you strategically work your way through it.


Time your chores. If you time how long it will take you to complete each task then it will make the time go by faster. If you know it will take 10 minutes to clean out a drawer in your kitchen then allot yourself those 10 minutes to complete a task on your list. Before you know it your tasks will be completed in no time at all. When we look at the “list” we tend to want to give up before we even start, but if you set time limits on each item then it will be an effective way of completing the daunting list because you can do it as you have time to do it. There isn’t any rule that says it has to be completed all at one time. We can work on it as we have the opportunity.

Multitasking will be one of your best traits during this time of year. Physicians always recommend that when excising that we watch television or listen to music to distract us and keep our minds off the exercising, the same practices can be used to complete the spring cleaning lists. Watching TV, listening to music, or talking on the phone can make completing the check list much more manageable.

Trash bags will aid quickly in sorting and determining what makes the cut and what goes to the trash or donation centers. Have a couple of trash bags for each room as you begin your cleaning regiment for that area. One trash bag needs to be designated as trash and another for donations. As you begin your cleaning having these bags readily available will save you trips to the garbage and having to clean up any more piles that come from separating what you are keeping or getting rid of.

Open up your windows. Who doesn’t love a little fresh air on a beautiful day? During the first days of spring we are all busting out of the doors to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and the warm sunshine. The warmth is inviting and just makes us feel better. Opening up your windows and bringing the outside in will help in making the spring cleaning more enjoyable. Listening to the birds chirping outdoors and feeling the warm sun rays on your skin always makes for a better afternoon. Enjoy it! Just because you are cleaning and organizing doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the outdoors as well. A little fresh air is always good and helps to air out the rooms from the being shut up during the winter months. So open up those blinds and windows and enjoy!


If you are like me the closets are always a wreck and it seems like there is always something we have stored in there. Trying to “de-clutter” my closet seems to be never ending so one trick that I started last year has been a successful tool in keeping my closet better organized is planning for seasons. If it is not in season then it is packed away in a storage bin. All winter way is stored away in the summer and all summer clothes are packed away in the winter. This simple technique has helped in ensuring that my closet is not packed all year long. When packing my clothes away for the season, if I haven’t worn it or it looks like it needs to be retired then it goes to a donation pile and not in the bin for storing. Quick, simple, and effective.

These binsa have solved my storage-challenged issues more than once...

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a daunting task. I know and understand we dread this time of year but we know that it must be done to make our homes clean, organized, and efficient. I am confident these quick cleaning tips will help you spring clean your Camden home this season and all year long! Happy Spring Cleaning!

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