Jazzercise Ain’t Your Momma’s Workout

Have you been looking for a new workout to maintain your 2015 resolutions? I have the workout for you, and yes, you did read the title of this post correctly…it’s Jazzercise! I started Jazzercising about a year ago and not only has it changed my entire outlook on exercising, but it has also changed my life! Seriously! Here’s how:

  • In less than one year, I have lost nearly 30 pounds! Just by going to Jazzercise an average of 3 times a week.
  • I sleep better and am more awake throughout the day- Goodbye 2:30pm cup of coffee!
  • As I started to workout more, my eating habits just naturally got better because I learned that if I ate a chocolate donut in the morning, it would slow me down in Jazzercise.
  • This part still amazes and excites me: My skin and hair have both become healthier!
  •  And the best result from Jazzercise? I feel 100 times better about MYSELF.

I got into Jazzercise through a friend who was sick of me complaining about how fat I was going to look in my wedding dress and I gave her the same reaction that you probably have right now and that I get from a lot of people: “What? No way am I sweating with ladies wearing leg warmers clapping their hands to soft jazz hits of the 1980s…” Well, I’m glad I finally joined her for class one day because I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The Jazzercise that I thought I knew is not what Jazzercise is today. Every week there are new dance routines from Top 40 artists like Pitbull, Britney Spears and Meghan Trainor. In a one hour Jazzercise Dance Mixx class you get a total body workout and it’s fun!

As my instructor, Jane Luco, who has been a Jazzercise instructor for 35 years in the Houston Heights explained, “Jazzercise works all your muscles in all directions, strengthens your flexibility, improves your coordination, works your brain, relieves stress and builds brain cells because you are learning on your feet.” Even though I didn’t know what I was doing at the beginning, I was able to relax and laugh at Jane’s sharp humor, which helped me forget that I was even exercising!

Just like I tell all of my friends, I encourage you to try a Jazzercise class. In my opinion, it is a workout that nearly anyone can do and have fun with! It’s easy to walk into your first Jazzercise because there’s no intimidating equipment or judgment from others. You may feel like the new kid, but everyone was the new kid at one point so you’ll be met with encouragement and support. To prove this, I invited my teammates from the Camden Marketing Team to join me for a class. Every one of the girls that went had a blast and felt so welcomed by the group. They also felt their sore muscles the next day…

Posing before our workout

Posing before our workout

In case this article didn’t convince you that Jazzercise might be the workout for you, then check out this video! After you try Jazzercise for yourself, then comment on this post and let us know what you thought.

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