Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

You have no Halloween Costume!!

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So you are a procrastinator. You realize that today is October 27th and that Halloween is on Saturday. Saaaaturday. If you are anything like me you do shopping online. Perfect, right? No. Every Halloween site is basically sold out of every costume you love and so are the ones you would not be caught dead in. Back to the plan where you had no plan at all. Fear not! I have compiled a list (some for guys and some for gals and some for both) of last minute Halloween costumes that you can pull right from your own closet and make-up bag. You may have to grab some minimal things but it wouldn’t require a map to find them. 


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Rosie the Riveter
What you need: Blue short-sleeved (or long sleeved and rolled up) button up shirt, red bandanna with white polka dots, red lips and defined lashes.

Honestly, even if it’s just red the point would still be made. And while we may not know what her bottom half looks like, we can pretty much assume it’s probably khakis or something like that. Just make sure when someone asks you who you are, to strike the pose.

Zombie (Guy or Gal)
What you need: Regular clothes you don’t mind ripping or you can grab some cheap ones at the store, mascara to smear down your face, some eyeliner, fake blood, white powder and a mean mug.

Yes it’s been done a bagillion times before but not by you. Own this one. Google zombie faces and just run with it. Your face is your canvas.

Napoleon Dynamite
What you need: White color ring neck t-shirt, jeans, high-tops, iron on letters, convenient store glasses (the bigger the better) and a curly wig if you can find one.

Classic. Need I say more.


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Cat (Old Reliable as I call it)
What you need: Black clothes, cat ears and some black eyeliner.

Yes. This has also been done bagillion times but you did wait til the last minute, right? Plus there are so many ways you can do a cat face. So. Many. Ways. Knock yourself out.


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The Joker (Heath Ledger Version and Guy or Gal)
What you need: Button up purple or purplish shirt, tie, vest, dark jeans, white theater make-up, red lipstick and black eyeliner – maybe some green hair tint spray, too.

This one is so money when done right.


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Beetlejuice (Guy or Gal)
What you need: White theater make-up, purple eye shadow, green hair tint spray, black eyeliner, nude lipstick, black and white striped jacket, white t-shirt for under jacket (bottom depends on gender – black skirt for girl and black pants for guy)

This is one of my favorite movies. My dad does this hilarious impression. Anyway. This one is great. Girls don’t be afraid to do this one!

Jigsaw (Guy or Gal)
What you need: Red lipstick, white theater make up, black eyeliner and black outfit.

Basically you just white your face out and make red hypno-circles on your cheeks, color your lips in red and use the eyeliner to draw the corners of your mouth down like a doll would have. Boom. It’s done. I’m sorry but this thing truly terrifies me.


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Edward Scissorhands (Guy or Gal)
What you need: Black duct tape, white theater make-up, black eyeliner, brown eye shadow, burgundy/dark red lipstick, metal rings

You can decide if you want to go all out and tape scissors to your hands. I would not recommend actual scissors. Maybe some dull ones that are not sharp. Like at all.


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The Big Lebowski
What you need: Bathrobe, boxers, flip flops, sunglasses and a t-shirt.

Easiest. One. Ever. Guys.

I hope you all have just as many tricks as treats this year. Happy Halloween!


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