Modmarket: Farm Fresh Food For Everyone

I love this caption! It perfectly sums up my journey over the past year. photo courtesy of

I love this caption! It perfectly sums up my journey over the past year.
photo courtesy of

As crazy as it sounds, I tend to judge a restaurant, especially one that touts itself health-conscious, by the assortment of options available to sweeten my organic, fresh-brewed iced tea. If my only choice is something that comes in a pink, yellow orblue packet, that establishment has just lost serious credibility points in my book. I always carry my own stash of Stevia wherever I go, but when a restaurant offers it as an option for me, it is much easier for me to trust that their food really can be good for me. When a friend suggested that we meet for lunch at Modmarket,

The Plano restaurant is simply gorgeous inside! photo courtesy of

The Plano restaurant is simply gorgeous inside!
photo courtesy of

I jumped at the chance to try a fast-casual restraint that specializes in “real food”. The Colorado-based concept opened a location in Plano down the street from my Camden community and it had been at the top of my list of places to try in the area. Since embarking on my year-long effort to lose weight and get healthy (check out another post on this topic), I am always on the lookout for great places to eat out that will support my new clean-eating lifestyle. From the moment I walked into the doors of Modmarket and spied the Truvia sitting next to the tea, I knew this place was going to be special.

Modmarket got its start in Boulder, CO in 2009 and has since opened several stores in the Denver Metro area as well as spreading to locations around Dallas-Fort Worth. The concept claims to deliver affordable farm-fresh food made with wholesome ingredients that support a menu of seasonally changing options as well as fresh salads, sandwiches and brick oven pizzas.  I am personally trying to be a carb-free as possible, so I immediately started eyeing their salads. So many yummy ingredients: mixed greens, roasted chicken, feta, corn, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, steak, potatoes, kale, quinoa, grapes, OMG! The list goes on! I settled for something a little high-maintenance and had a combination of the Fiesta and Farmer Salads with chicken, corn, feta, avocado, grapes and black beans topped off with champagne vinaigrette.

YUMMY! Isn't this a beautiful salad! I couldn't help myself to a food pic.

YUMMY! Isn’t this a beautiful salad! I couldn’t help myself to a food pic.

Although all menu items looked equally scrumptious, I felt like I made the perfect decision. My meal did indeed taste farm fresh! Since fall is around the corner, I am anxiously waiting to see what sort of harvest-inspired seasonal items they will add to the menu.

Most Modmarket locations are open from 7am-9pm and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have an assortment of craft beers and wine as well as tea and sugar cane sodas. The chain is rapidly expanding in both the Denver and Dallas-Fort Worth areas and, if Thrillist magazine is correct, it is poised to be the next Chipotle. If you do not live in Denver or Dallas, I’m sure you will soon see a Modmarket pop up near you! Keep an eye out for this amazing restaurant!

Here’s to healthy eating out!

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