No Label What?

Once there was this little town in Texas named Katy. Sure, it is a nice place to live and raise a family- just ask some of our friends who live at Camden Downs at Cinco Ranch or Camden Grand Harbor. Katy has award winning schools with great high school sports teams that we watch on Friday nights- “Go Tigers!” (sorry, my hubby played varsity basketball for the Tigers). Aside from all of that, did you know that it is also the home of the craft brewery, No Label Brewing Company?

I discovered No Label beer one Friday night, while out to dinner with my hubby. We decided to be adventuresome and tried “No Label Brewing Company” beer. It was good! When I got home that night, I Googled “No Label Brewing Company” (ok, so that’s just what I do). I didn’t realize that they had brewed the beer literally right down the street from where we were eating dinner. Pretty cool!

No Label Brewing Company’s brewery is located deep in the heart of Katy on First Street. According to their website, the idea for the brewery blossomed out of the Royo family’s love of creating homemade craft beers back in 2009. Luckily for us, No Label supplies us with 5 year-round brews ranging from pale ales, a German Hefeweizen, to my personal favorite, a dark amber ale. In addition to these, they also produce many seasonal ales with local additives ranging from jalapenos to lavender. For those of us who live locally, we can purchase their beer at local grocery chains and Spec’s. I just sampled their “What the Hatch” ale last week at HEB. Guess what that contains…Hatch green chiles. YUM!No Label

In addition to many community events, No Label Brewing Company offers weekly tastings at their brewery just about every Saturday afternoon. As you drive towards downtown Katy, you cannot miss it. All you need is to bring a chair and, for $10, sample up to 4 beers while enjoying live music and local bands or the football game on television. They, also, enlist local food vendors to join in the fun or you can bring your own snacks. Kids and pets are also welcome.

If you are looking for a place to hangout on a Saturday and are in the area, go give No Label Brewing Company a try. It makes for a fun Saturday afternoon!


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