Perks Coffee in San Marcos

Delicious mocha from Perks

Delicious mocha from Perks

I’ve found myself really hooked on coffee lately which is really ironic considering that I’ve been drinking decaf for the past year. Unfortunately for my caloric intake I’m not a plain coffee kind of girl, I’m the mocha, macchiato, Frappuccino, hazelnut, toffee, with a caramel drizzle kind (with non-fat milk of course). Imagine my good fortune when I stumbled upon a super cool coffee shop right by my work.

Perks is a super cool, hip coffee shopthat blew my socks off. They’ve got the coolest décor and brings me back to my days of high school hanging out in coffee shops (before Starbucks was so prevalent…I’m old). I walked into Perks a little out of place, and the nice gentleman behind the counter saw my ‘deer in the headlights’ stare and helped guide me in the right direction. The answer was to get a mocha…the answer is to always get a mocha. While I waited I drooled over their selection of delicious pastries and was excited to see they even had savory items as well, which would come in handy at lunch time.



As I watched my mocha being made I was surprised to see some really cool craft beers on tap, a wine menu, and some cool martini combinations. They have a happy hour for adult beverages as well; awesome! I, unfortunately, ordered my mocha to go, so did not have a chance to see the cool decoration they make with the foam.

Beards mandatory!

Beards mandatory!

Since then a co-worker came back from lunch with drinks from there for all of us. The drinks were called Eye Openers which are apparently cold brewed coffee, espresso, and gelato…gelato!! Though mine said decaf on the cup, I really wonder if that made any difference with the sugar count. It was delicious, like a true coffee milkshake. I have been thinking about it every day since then.

If you’re ever in the San Marcos area make sure to stop by Perks for a coffee, snack, or a beer!

  • 803 S Twin Oaks Rd
    Ste 110
    San Marcos, CA 92078

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