Perks of living at a Camden Community

When I first moved to California I lived at a Camden community. I was impressed by the beautiful landscapes, breathtaking views, friendly staff and state of the art amenities. But there is another perk of living at a Camden Community that most people will only experience after moving in which is our Technology Package.


If you live at any of our San Diego communities you will receive a package with Cox that includes:

  • Digital video services that includes more than 280 digital channels, plus HD programming with ShowTime!
  • Internet services with Wi-Fi and speeds up to 50 Mbps
  • Equipment: One high definition DCT and remote per unit and one cable modem with an integrated wireless access point.
  • Benefits include: Automatic approval, no contract, no deposit, negotiated Camden only discounted rate, annual savings up to 30% off of retail.

The best part of it all is that you pay for the service with your rent so you have one less bill to worry about paying every month.  In addition to the Cox Communications internet and cable package you will also have access to:

  • Allows residents to submit maintenance requests, pay rent, contact the office, reserve an amenity, submit a key release, socialize with neighbors, buy and sell items, receive community updates, and sign and renew leases.
  • Wi-Fi access: Hotspots within the community
  • Business center: Exclusive access to a fully equipped business center, with computers, printers, internet and Wi-Fi.

There are so many reasons to rent with Camden but one of my favorite things about living at a Camden Community is our amazing technology package. This is just one of the ways to experience Camden’s “Living Excellence.”

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