Quick Simple Beach Hacks

Living in San Diego, I do not go to the beach often enough. It’s the main perk to living in Southern California and so I’ve vowed to myself that I will spend this summer visiting the beach often! Because I hate sand (HATE) and like my comforts, I’ve compiled a short list of things to bring to the beach to make visits a little bit more comfortable:

1. Baby powder – For this see my comment on hating sand! Because of our drought here in So Cal, a lot of the showers and foot wash stations have been shut down leaving us with futile attempts to brush sand off our feet. The answer is baby powder! Because it takes away the moisture, it helps for sand to fall right off and stay at the beach…where it belongs.
2. Zip-lock bags – I recommend a few different sizes. Great for putting cell phones, food, car keys, and then eventually trash into.
3. Some kind of shade – No one wants to be ‘that guy’ (hopefully) and bring a huge easy-up to block everyone’s view, but it is good to bring some sort of shade to get away from the sun. A beach umbrella that screws deep into the sand is a good option and stays put.

Waterproof blanket from JJ Cole

Waterproof blanket from JJ Cole

4. A waterproof picnic blanket – I got one of these off of Amazon and it’s awesome. Sand doesn’t stick to it and wet bodies don’t drench it. It’s also very simple to shake off instead of a towel which everything clings to.
Enjoy and don’t forget to stock up on Aloe at home for that sunburn!


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