San Diego Restaurant Week


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I love food, which is why I typically blog about food. You can imagine then why I love San Diego Restaurant Week! To explain, San Diego Restaurant Weeks features 8 days from Sept 20-27 (Yes, I know that’s more than one week) of set menus from 180 different restaurants. These set menus offer a menu that typically includes an appetizer, main, and dessert at different prices ranging from $10-$20 lunches and $20-$50 dinners. It is a perfect opportunity to try a restaurant that may typically be out of your price range.

The best preparation is to visit the San Diego Restaurant Week website and search restaurants by name, neighborhood, price, type of food, or distance. From there you can see their set menu and decide what options to choose and see if it’s something that interests you. Personally I like to find deals on restaurants that I would normally not go to and I have never been disappointed. Not only is this a great tool for finding a new place but also a great way for local restaurants to show off and highlight their talents and tasty foods!

Be sure to set aside a night to check out a restaurant you haven’t tried. If you’re near our Camden Tuscany location give Prep Kitchen a try! Another good one closer to our Camden Old Creek location is Vintanna, with an amazing ambiance and killer food. Either way, make sure to do some homework first by checking out the website to pinpoint the perfect spot!

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