Shootin’ the Hooch

1st Picture for the Hooch

The Chattahoochee National Recreational Park in Atlanta GA is a place where everybody can enjoy the summertime. As most natives of Atlanta would agree it could be considered one of the most traditional ways to spend the afternoon with family and friends.

Most use the phrase, “Shooting the hooch” because it refers to jumping off the side of the small cliffs into the river. When you visit you can rent a tube, kayak, paddle board, and go river boating by the hour. This 48 mile stretch of riverside has about 13 parking units with access from the states road, and offers a range of trails for hiking, boat ramps, and so many other activities that it’s easy to visit this national park with no set agenda.

Although the Chattahoochee National Park is owned by the federal government and is operated by the National Park Service, there are areas of the park’s shoreline that are privately owned. There’s a gorgeous view of homes that give you an unconditional tour of upscale living for those exploring the idea of relocating to the area.

The summer time hosts the opportunity for you to shoot the hooch with echoes of laughter trailing along with the summer breeze. Even watching the pick-up trucks being directed in order to back their fishing boats into the water is an eventful sight to see. Just to watch a complete family trail through the river, waist-high is exciting to watch in all the activities.

And you can reach the land in the middle of the river, and set up the ultimate picnic area for a full day of relaxation. I actually gathered my nerve one day to walk through the river and sit on the rocks. The method of following the trail of rocks to these specific isolated areas makes you feel accomplished enough that I found myself silently claiming victory and sat there for hours. On the hottest day, you can feel the unbelievable cool temperatures from the water.

My visits to the Chattahoochee Park, more times than none, are just to get a peace of mind for myself.   During summer, I along with a dear friend visit the Chattahoochee River at least twice a week. We are somewhat familiar with some of the people that actually live within walking distance of the river.

2nd Picture for the Hooch

During the winter months, you’re more likely to enjoy the calm flow of the river more than you would see anyone “shooting the hooch”. But don’t get it twisted. After a couple of days of freezing temperatures I thought it would be a perfect day to go and see how the cold river was flowing.

As I walked along the river’s edge, I came across a gentleman sitting in a lawn chair. He sat covered with a thick wool-like blanket. He had on what looked to be a Veteran’s cap and he was puffing on a fat cigar. He looked well within his senses, and had to be about 70 give or take some years. I continued to walk toward the area as I enjoyed the scenery.

3rd Picture for the Hooch

He looked over, and as respectful as I wanted to be and not invade his space, he said “Hello”. His vibe was quite inviting almost like being in the mountains sitting on a huge wrap-around porch with a nice cup of my favorite cinnamon soy chai first thing in the morning.

His introduced himself as “Dale”. He had just finished a four mile hike. He said he does it at least three times a week and when he’s done, he grabs his blanket and sits in the same spot each time and celebrates by lighting up a cigar. He shared this information in such comfort you’d think that he’d known me for years.

After the conversation was over, and me wishing him a good rest of the afternoon, my last thought in the moment was… even when you can’t shoot the hooch tubing down the river. You can still “shoot the hooch” in the most unexpected way.

4th Picture for the Hooch

While in the area, stop by and take a complete tour of Camden Deerfield. This beautiful property is located just 20 minutes away from The Chattahoochee River. You are sure to be welcomed with a smile, and a warm Camden hug!

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