Sprucing up your Apartment with Indoor Trees

Have you ever walked in your apartment  and felt like it was missing something but didn’t know exactly what? Perhaps you’re not much of a decorator and your walls seem a bit bare or you have a study and not quite sure what to fill it with other than a desk and a chair. Not only will it freshen up your living space and bring health benefits but it will create a serene environment for your home or work space.

Some health benefits to having live house plants in your living space include:

  • Increasing your productivity by assisting you in breathing
  • Deter illnesses
  • Cleanse the air
  • Boost healing

What better way to decorate and benefit from the décor! According to NASA certain species cleanse the air of toxins like formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and others harmful pollutants. To obtain the full benefits, NASA encourages 1 plant every 100 sqft of your home or office.

Living in large cities, for example, Houston, the fourth largest city by population  and ranking 6th for the most polluted city in the United States adding a few trees in your home will give you that crisp clean air as if you were living in a suburb. Try adding a few of these fun size indoor trees  for a bit of greenery. My absolute favorite is the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree . This beautiful tree comes in an array of sizes small enough for a desktop or large enough to fill a whole corner. But where can you get one? With Amazon of course and delivered right to your door!

So don’t fret if you are living in the inner city! You can bring a piece of the beautiful outdoors in with you with live plants freshens and cleans up the atmosphere. Spruce up your new apartment and live at one of Houston’s best rated apartments Camden City Centre and turn your apartment into your home!

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