Summer is Coming

As the daylight becomes longer and the temperatures become warmer I realize that it is time to think about summer again. Shorts, t-shirts, baseball caps, sandals and sunscreen make my heart race with excitement!

Because I have missed summer so much, I decided that this year I will try to make every warm day count and try something different on every free day that I can. I have the good fortune of living in North Carolina… a beautiful state with much nature, warm weather and adventure to offer.

Who says that adventure has to be expensive? Who said that you have to travel far to get it?

Here is my summer to-do list:

    1) A Drive- In Movie:

Ok, so who would have thought that this could be so easy. There was a time where drive-in movies were THE thing to do. Unfortunately, nowadays, drive-ins are a thing of the past. You oftentimes see the old big screens left standing with no business associated with them. Low and behold, there are some drive-in movie lots that still exist. Find one in your city and go! This is a nice activity to take part in alone or with family and a great way to support local small businesses that will soon be a memory to future generations if we do not do our part to see to their survival.

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    2) Ride a Roller Coaster:

I am afraid of heights, so I am not really sure how well I will do with getting this marked off of my list, but to those that are adrenaline junkies, please do this! There is nothing like a theme park in the summer time. Warm air in your face as you plummet into the depths of a roller coaster drop. Carowinds, the local NC/SC theme park just opened ‘Fury’, an exciting roller coaster that has already been named a hit in the 2 days it has been open…. Maybe I will make it. Just maybe.

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    3) Drink ‘Lemonade Stand’ Lemonade:

Who says Minute Maid has to be your lemonade of choice? If you live someplace where kids sit out with their lemonade stands, make it happen. Support a childs’ business venture, get hydrated and feel good about doing it! Do you remember what it was like to sit at your homemade stand in your parents driveway? Sitting in front of your “50 cents” sign, smiling all big with missing teeth? Yeah, channel the “kid” you and buy a cup. I bet you this refresher does the trick better than any big store named brand.

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    4) Watch a Beach Sunset:

We see sunsets everyday, but nothing compares to a sunset at the beach. Or maybe a sunset while laying ON a beach? If you are lucky enough to live close to the ocean, take advantage of one of these daily wonders. Something so lovely will make everything feel right. I promise.

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photo courtesy of

    5) Swim in a Lake:

It is hot outside and you live near a lake? Well, jump in it! Lakes are beautiful and if it is clean even more fun than the swimming pool. One of the best parts about lakes is where they are located. Lakes come equipped with an amazing view. The water is chemical free (we hope) and, in my opinion, you gain this kind of closeness to nature that is not easily found elsewhere. The most fun part is that lakes are usually free. This is something that can be done on any day of the week, anytime you like. Take advantage of the gifts Earth has given us.

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With this being said, I am looking at a busy summer. I cannot wait to take my family on some of these mini adventures!

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