Technology Package Takeover

What is the Technology Package at Camden Fairfax Corner?


The Technology Package is an additional service, included in rent, and valued at $95.00. To break it down, this is your cable and internet service. At Camden Fairfax Corner, there is no need to pay a utility company monthly for cable and internet, as we have taken that step out, providing an even easier and more beneficial move in.

Camden Fairfax Corner has recently upgraded the Technology Package, and we now offer Verizon FiOS. Imagine moving in and having high speed internet and over 300 channels including HD-you can sit and relax while movers bring your furniture into your new Camden apartment home.


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The Camden Fairfax Corner Technology Package with Verizon gives you 50/50 internet, Preferred HD television, a router/modem, and an HD box. Compared to the local cable provider*, the same services would cost $89.99* for just the television and internet. They will also charge for your HD box ($8.50*/month), internet router/modem, and fees and taxes when you sign up for service. You will also be obligated to sign up for a contract to keep the rates the same. The Technology Package eliminates taxes, fees and contracts, and also you can cancel services without any penalties.

Based on recent feedback from our residents, the internet speed of 50/50 is faster than the previous competitor.


Image Credit @mattywhee on Twitter

We are excited to offer the new Technology Package for all current and future residents.


Samuel is happy the WiFi speeds are fast enough to be on a computer and phone at the same time at Camden Fairfax Corner!

*Local competitor pricing based on the website as of 2/26/2016.

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