The Marvel Experience

It's your turn to save the world!  photo courtesy of Marvel

It’s your turn to save the world!
photo courtesy of Marvel

Dallas nerds, rejoice! Are you still looking for something to do this weekend that doesn’t revolve around the Super Bowl? Your problem is solved! There is still one more weekend to enjoy The Marvel Experience at Fair Park. This production bills itself as “the world’s first hyper-reality tour” and, according to fans and critics alike, it does not disappoint.

Are you ready for your new job? photo courtesy of Hero Ventures

Are you ready for your new job?
photo courtesy of Hero Ventures

During this nearly 3 hour adventure you will join forceswith Marvel heroes as S.H.E.I.L.D.’s most recent recruit, complete with your very own ID card. In order to prepare for the final battle with Hydra and it’s evil adaptors, you will train under the best Marvel has to offer: climb Spider-Man’s wall, work your way through the Black Widow Agility Maze, try to punch out Captain America and fly with Iron Man! Next you will journey through a 360 degree 3-D projection dome where you can enjoy a state-of-the-art motion ride and see a life-sized Quinjet. If this sounds like an adventure for only small children and fanboys, do not fear! There is so much to enjoy that kids of all ages will have a great time. Although the experience was previously in Phoenix, Arizona, the Dallas event was billed as the World Premier. It has 2 more planned stops in California once it wraps here on January 31st, so if you are a West Coast Camden resident, there will be a chance for you to get in on the fun!

Marvel 3

This is one thrill packed show! photo courtesy of Marvel Universe LIVE!

If you still need a superhero fix this weekend, make the quick trip from Fair Park to the American Airlines Center and check out Marvel Universe LIVE! Rather than an interactive experience, this production is more like live theater where a cast of Marvel characters work together to defeat Loki. The show is action-packed with pyrotechnics and thrilling stunts. It runs from January 30-February 1 in Dallas, but this is a Nation-wide tour that will visit many more cities until the middle of 2016. There is a chance to see it on almost every city where there is a Camden community!

If you are still looking for some fun this weekend, grab your superhero cape and check out these great events. I’m sure you will have a MARVEL-ous time!

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