The Tale of the Ultimate Picnic and the Shameless Plug

Did you know that July is National Picnic Month?

In my opinion, picnics are highly underrated and so underdone. Sitting at a table for a meal, day after day, can be quite mundane. However, eating outside on a beautiful day is, well, absolutely heavenly. Ask someone what meal they usually have had or thought about for a picnic and more than likely, they will say lunch. But don’t limit yourself because you can certainly have a breakfast or dinner picnic. Remember, this is your picnic.

In order for you to have a bomb picnic, you need to have the essentials:

The spot.

First you need a spot. A city square, a lake shore, a backyard, a park, the beach, a little piece of undiscovered grass off that trail by your apartment, a rooftop…the possibilities are quite endless really. Just make sure you think about things like temperature, sun exposure, bugs (ant hills can be a killer) as to make the most out of your picnic.

A beautiful day.

Needless to say, you need a beautiful day. That doesn’t mean it has to be 72 and sunny necessarily, but that it should at least be comfortable. You don’t want the only thing that you are thinking about on the picnic is that you are too hot or too cold to enjoy yourself.

The blanket.

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Make sure it’s soft and big enough for the number of people that will be picnicking. If it’s just two, it won’t need to be as big as it does for a family. Old comforters are perfect or you can take more than one blanket to cover more area. I think the more color and patterns, the better. But hey, that’s just me.

The basket.

Really any form of food and dinnerware transportation will do but there is something so classic about the basket, isn’t there?  You can find tons of picnic baskets on the web and even in some stores. Some even with built in blankets and dinnerware. Kind of a one stop shop if you don’t feel the need to personalize the basket. Make sure to get some sort of cooling device like ice packs or even a separate cooler perhaps for any food that needs to be kept cold.

The Dishes & Silverware.

Now this is completely up to you. You can go all out with real deal dishes and silverware (especially if you are on a romantic picnic trying to woo someone or if it’s a special occasion), you can do paper, plastic or even melamine (this is a great lightweight, inexpensive, virtually unbreakable and reusable product). I love the idea of melamine not only because of the above reasons but because of the variety or patterns. Can you sense that I like patterns?

The Food & Drink.

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Photo Credit :

Remember when I said there would be a shameless plug? Here it goes. I recently purchased a Zoodler. This is a contraption that makes noodles out of zucchinis. Whaaaaaaaat? Oh yes it does. This thing is amazing. You can serve it warm like spaghetti noodles or room temp/cold which would be perfect for a picnic as you more than likely won’t have a heat source. I swear by it. You won’t regret it. OK. Plug over! Now with the food and drink make sure you put things on ice that need to be kept cold so it doesn’t spoil. The best thing is a combo of items. Those that need to be cold (just remember to put what is leftover back in the cooler) and those that can be served at room temp and/or left out for a couple or three hours without the risk of going bad. Here are some great recipes to get you on your way to the ultimate picnic.

The Company.

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Photo Credit :

Ah yes. The company. This is the best part of the picnic. You can take your kids, the whole family, your better half, your mom, dad, best friends or even make it a quadruple date. The company is what actually makes the picnic.

Have an amazing summer and start planning your ultimate picnic!

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