Three Steps to Easy Relaxation

Busy schedule? Check. Tough time sleeping? Check. Need an easy way to relax? Triple check!

No matter what your life looks like, there’s always a need to relax and find a little inner peace. I recently joined our overnight team in the Camden Contact Center and have had to adjust my life to a whole new schedule. While overwhelming at first, I found these three steps helped me to relax quickly and adjust to my new sleep/work/life schedule! You may want to try them out to see if maybe they can help you find a little peace in your every day life too!

  1. Create a Calm Environment by Decorating Your Desk
    These things just make me happy and adult coloring books are all the rage right now- so YAY!

color therapycolor book

2. Try Guided Meditations for Sleep
Listen to this:  Guided Meditation for Sleep by Dudley Evenson on Spotify
Appx. 30 minutes in length, but I’m usually fast asleep by the 10 minute mark!

guided meditations for sleep

3. Stream yoga meditation music from Youtube on your Smart TV.
These videos range anywhere from 3-6 hours in length so they are perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere while you’re working at home or in the office in the background.

Try these steps and let me know how they work for you! Live your life and be carefree! Peace is just around the corner. 🙂

-Cali Hix

dandelion cali

An old picture-from back in the day when I worked onsite at Camden Stoneleigh!

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One thought

  1. Cali, I love this post. I agree that diffusing some amazing essential oils is a way to relax! And who doesn’t love coloring?

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