Welcome to a Smoke Free Life


photo courtesy of breatheeasylabs.com

Smoke free communities and areas are becoming far more popular now that people are becoming more environmentally focused and aware.

Being a long time team member at a currently smoke free community, I am writing this blog to a) explain WHY we chose to go smoke free and b) hopefully convince you to try a smoke free community as you future home one day!

Deciding to live at a smoke free community is definitely a lifestyle choice. You have to know that you are either done smoking forever or you will not ever smoke again. Knowing these things when so many things in life are unknown can be much to swallow, but once you make the choice, you will not regret it.


photo courtesy of breatheeasylabs.com

Attractive Lifestyle:

Not only has smoking been proven to be unhealthy for the body, mind and environment, but smoking can be a dangerous thing. Being able to offer your family a home where these risks are greatly cut out is a very attractive idea.


photo courtesy of breatheeasylabs.com


Who likes to spend extra money on repairs once an apartment has been smoked in? Many people might think that the process to make a once smoked in apartment move in ready is as simple as spraying air freshener. This is a definite falsehood. Preparing an apartment with smoke damage involves a lot of scraping, rubbing, tearing and painting. Sometimes this process is not only being handled by your maintenance staff, but also a 3rd party vendor. These things cost money. Who pays for this? The resident. Choose a smoke free community and avoid this altogether. Camden Cotton Mills and Camden Southline, the 2 currently smoke free communities in Charlotte, NC, include ‘Smoke Free Addendums’ with the lease. This provides a written and signed document where all parties agree to adhere to the smoke free nature of the community, thus providing peace of mind and back-up action that can be used against anyone not wanting to adhere.


photo courtesy of 123rf.com


Second hand smoke is a silent slugger. Non-smokers do not appreciate the smell of smoke in hallways, A/C vents and in communal areas. Second hand smoke can also have negative health effects for those that make a conscious decision not to smoke. Smoke free communities eliminate these problems and provide peace of mind for those looking to avoid this.


photo courtesy of denserve.com


Fire Risk Reduction:

Smoke and fire go hand in hand. Every time someone lights up a cigarette, hookah or any other smoke-able material, the risk of fire is prevalent. Smoke free communities assist in keeping fire risks low due to the policies restricting the lighting of any type of smoke-able material.

The most important thing to remember about working at or living in a smoke free community is that nothing is guaranteed at 100%. The best part about having a community designated as “Smoke free” is that it allows the staff and the resident additional protections that may not be available at other properties where smoking is allowed. Things like the legally binding ‘Smoke Free Addendum’ allow residents and community staff members the legal right to request that smoking be stopped at risk of having to move out of the community.  That peace of mind in itself is a huge relief.


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