What is Business Casual?

I am excited to announce that I am one of the selected employees of Camden who has been given the opportunity to be a Camden Mentor. One of the perks of being a Mentor is visiting the Camden corporate office in Houston, TX. My excitement hit its peak when I found out that I am allowed to wear “business casual” clothing while at training. After the initial jumping for joy, I was met with a sudden fear and questioning: What exactly is business casual for women?

This is a topic that is so broad that I think it deserves its own descriptive blog, from the perspective of a Camden employee that is used to wearing black slacks and button ups at work, and t-shirts and jeans outside of the office. Everyone has their own opinion of what is appropriate business casual attire. After some lengthy searching on Pinterest, here are some options I have come up with that are appropriate to wear in a business casual setting.

For us ladies, business casual can be overwhelming. We have the choice between skirts, pants, and dresses. We also have heels vs. flats. Then we have to think about accessories. This is what I have come up with.

1. It’s okay to add some color to business casual. Though black, grey, and tan are great neutrals, you can spice up with a colorful blazer, cardigan, or top. Colorful pants and skirts are also okay if they are not too tight and are not made of denim.


Image Credit: Pinterest.com


Image Credit: Pinterest.com



2. Patterns are also okay. Pinstipes, floral, animal print (in moderation) and some plaids are great for skirts, cardigans, and pants.


Image Credit: Pinterest.com


Image Credit: Pinterest.com


3. Yes to cropped pants, no to Bermuda shorts. Absolutely no denim is acceptable for business casual.


Image Credit: Pinterest.com


Image Credit: Pinterest.com


4. Accessories are allowed to be trendy and funky, but keep it classy. Adding a colorful skinny belt, chunky necklace, and layered bracelets are perfect to spice up and otherwise dull look.


Image Credit: Pinterest.com


Image Credit: Pinterest.com

5. Shoes can be tricky. You do not want a heel that is too high. You also do not want to wear flats that are too casual.


Image Credit: Pinterest.com


Image Credit: Pinterest.com

Where does one find clothing to put together an outfit, but at an affordable price? My favorite places to shop, and where I plan on buying my business casual attire, are JCPenney, Kohls, Old Navy, and Target.

As I make my way through the mall this weekend, I plan on using these guidelines to put together the perfect business casual outfits.

What do you consider to be business casual?


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