What Not to Wear: Work Holiday Party

This topic came up recently as my coworkers and I discussed what we are wearing to the Camden holiday party. Since fashion trends come and go, I wanted to share a basic guide as to what is appropriate for a holiday party involving your boss and coworkers.

The first thing to consider is whether or not a dress code is mentioned on the invitation. For example, ours simply states “no jeans”. Jeans aside, there are so many options for clothing to choose from. You could go dressy or business casual or even silly by wearing an “ugly Christmas sweater”. Make sure when you are planning your ensemble you know the restrictions and requirements for attire.

The next thing would be to take into consideration the location of the event. Going to a luxury bar in Washington, DC you may want to wear a cocktail dress. If you are going to Dave and Busters, then pants may be a better option. If the location is a restaurant, then you may not have any idea what to wear. I suggest looking at pictures from the past 2-5 years to see what the majority wore. This will help make you feel more comfortable, and prevent you from being the only “ugly” sweater in a crowd of sequin dresses.

My favorite things to wear at holiday parties are usually classic items. There will be photos taken, and that peplum top may look good in 2015, but when you look back 10 years from now when styles have changed, you may be amongst your coworkers saying, “What was I thinking?” On the flipside, this could be your time to break out of your shell. At Camden, we all wear the same business clothing provided by the same website. Now is our time to wear what we don’t normally do on a daily basis. Those heels you have been saving for a special occasion or that dress that still has a tag on it could be your ticket to a show stopping outfit.

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