Why I Enjoyed My Camden Internship Part 5: The People

I enjoyed meeting every single person I met during this internship, whether it was my team at Camden Westchase Park, the leadership team at the Tampa Regional Office, and all the other Camden properties I went to. I also became close with many residents and enjoyed being a helping hand to anyone who needed it. I consider myself a people-person and that made my job enjoyable. It really was the perfect internship!

Don’t pick a job. Pick a team. My community manager and my team at Camden Westchase Park allowed me to grow and feel motivated every day. Being surrounded by hardworking, honest, and selfless people allowed me to be the best leasing consultant I could be. My job was full of responsibilities and I faced many challenges throughout my experience. If it weren’t for my team, I’m not so sure I would have enjoyed my time and learned so much. We all shared one vision too: making residents happy.

Surround yourself with good people. You’re around your co-workers almost every day! As a college student, I’ve had part-time jobs and it was definitely an experience to have a taste of the 40-hour work-week during my full-time internship. Your attitudes, moods, and behaviors echo throughout the workplace and can affect your co-workers — even your residents!

The Camden values are instilled in every person I worked with, so I found working with any Camden employee delightful. A few months after my internship ended, my team at Camden Westchase Park sent me a thoughtful little gift and greeting card. It is the little things that matter most sometimes.


Camden Westchase park3

My Camden Westchase Park work family!

My favorite picture of the whole summer!

Recognize you are part of a bigger picture. Not only did I enjoy the people within the company, I enjoyed finding future residents the perfect home and spending time with current residents. My job was to bring residents into our community, make sure they are happy in their homes, and to ensure our community ran smoothly. It’s important to see you’re part in the big picture. You must work knowing that what you do is part of a greater whole with the rest of your team.

Camden westchase park intern

Camden’s annual Holiday party.

I highly recommend joining Camden’s summer internship program and joining the Camden workforce to feel challenged, have fun and make friends. The key is having an open mind and finding passion in everything you do. The leadership opportunities I had, the work culture and perks, and company values allowed me to enjoy my internship and succeed to my full potential. I am never going to forget the 12 weeks I spent with some of the greatest people I have ever met.

A little bit about Maurielle:
Occupation at Camden: Former Leasing Consultant Intern at Camden Westchase Park in Tampa, Florida
Secret Talent: Oil painting and graphic design
Three words that describe her: “Never give up.”

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